In this 50-minute Skype, online or telephone session we’ll work together to break down your idea to understand the risks, the opportunities and most importantly, if and how your idea can make money.


– You’ve got the beginnings of an idea and you want to turn it into a business but don’t know how

– You’ve thought through your idea and want to get a second opinion

– You want to understand the risks and opportunities associated with a business idea you’re developing

– You want to map your idea out into a fully fledged business concept

– You want to fine tune your idea to give you the best chance of success

If you fit any of the criteria above, you should book this session now BEFORE you spend any money starting a business. Validating your idea now could save you thousands of pounds later down the line if your idea doesn’t have true business potential

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Once you’ve purchased your session, you’ll be redirected to a contact form to fill in a little more detail about your business and I will then be in touch via email to agree a time that’s good for you to take you session.